An Interview with the Powerhouse Female Team Bringing You Power, Language & Love At Fringe Brisbane

Recently, Bravo Brisbane had the immense pleasure of sitting down with the lovely women behind Power, Language & Love. See what Laura Fois (Producer & Performer), Nykita O’Keeffe (Performer), Vivien Wood (Performer), Debbie Taylor (Director & MC) and Kym Mc (Musical Director & Accompanist) had to say about their upcoming season at Fringe Brisbane and don’t miss out on tickets! Power, Language & Love will play at PIP Theatre in Milton from 4-6 November.

What is your favourite part of being a part of this cabaret?

Laura: I love telling women’s stories. I think women are so under-represented in theatre and cinema, so having the opportunity to tell some of their stories is a dream. The beautiful part of this show is how the girls took my little idea and turned it is something so personal and so big. You’ll listen to their very heart beating as they sing and tell their story. I can confess, I cried listening to them…. Even in funny songs. There’s such an incredible beauty in a performer being so true onstage.

Nykita: I love that this cabaret is made up of a team of strong women telling stories about themes that we can all definitely relate to!

Vivien: I love working with such a supportive, talented and encouraging team!

Debbie: So many favourite things but a big one is being able to work with these Amazing young women!!!

Kym: Sharing the stage with a team of women who all have beautiful personalities, incredible talent and strong stage presence. Working with them is an absolute honour.

What’s your favourite moment from the show?

Laura: So many, but each one of us goes through a moment of self-love and self-acceptance in the show and I think they’re magical.

Nykita: That’s a tough question because there are so many highlights in the show! But I really do love when Laura asks an audience member to sing a classic song with her… I won’t spoil it too much though!

Vivien: That’s a tough question because there are so many highlights in the show! But I really do love when Laura asks an audience member to sing a classic song with her… I won’t spoil it too much though!

Debbie: I love everything but one special moment I have is when all the girls are singing together the harmonies and live of music is there all at once.

Kym: There’s a well-known song sung by Nykita toward the end that involves a mask and other props, which is always great fun for us and the audience. Without giving too much away I would definitely have to say that’s my favourite!

Which song do you most enjoy performing?

Laura: Many! I love singing about how Italians talk with their arms… or the most Italian song of musical theatre (guess!). Probably my favourite moment to sing is the very beginning of the show and the very end… when we all sing together. This time we’ll be closing the show with a story of power, language and love… from a very famous musical coming to Brisbane next year (spoiler alert…. We are talking about queens….)

Nykita: We spent a lot of time deciding which songs to include in my set and made sure that they were songs that not only related to the topic, but also were enjoyable to sing. However, the one song that really hits home for me is “Run Away With Me” – it truly is a beautiful song with a beautiful message, especially in relation to the story I tell in this cabaret. I also enjoy singing a certain song from Hamilton… but again, I don’t want to give too much away! winky face

Vivien: I love performing They Just Keep Moving the Line from Smash and belting my face off!

Kym: The finale song! It’s one of my favourite songs and I’m so glad we get the chance to perform it.

What is the most challenging thing about being part of this show?

Laura: I don’t think there’s a challenge in the show itself. I consider myself very lucky: everyone in the team has always been so supportive even when I went through difficult moments. The challenging part is definitely producing and performing in a show. The organisational part, the advertising, liaison with different parties, they are all great but so time consuming that sometimes I wish I could drop them… but as the producer of the show I really can’t! Also, of course, post covid turned Brisbane into a last-minute booking kind of deal which is hard and stressful…

Vivien: Writing and performing my act. This is the first time I’ve dipped my toes into cabaret and solo performance. At times it feels quite exposing, so it’s taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are now.

Debbie: This is such a wonderful cast and crew that there have not been any real challenges except for the timing of rehearsals because they are so great, they are also so busy and in demand 😀

Kym: The most challenging thing is most definitely playing so many songs with 5/6 sharps or flats. This is the most I’ve ever had in one show and I just savour C major moments when I get them.

Why should audiences come to see it?

Laura: Power, Language and Love is a very funny show with a great message, we talk about self-acceptance, and self-love. We tell how what separates flaws from uniqueness is just perspective. We talk about things we all struggle with: the power we want, the love we dream of and the open communication we wish we had. I strongly believe that laughing and playing is the best way to communicate, so if I can make you laugh, you’ll remember my story…. And we have a lot of funny stories to tell. So, if you like great music and laughing…. This is the show for you!

Nykita: Not only does this show tell some really great messages and stories that are highly relatable, it also features some witty banter and fun! And who doesn’t love that?! 

Vivien: The whole team is brilliant and so talented. You’re in for a real treat!

Debbie: It is fun, relatable, great vocals, beautiful women, talent oozing from the stage and you will kick yourself if you don’t!

Kym: This show creates a very special atmosphere. It’s at once personal, inviting, relatable, entertaining, and above all a very fun night out.

What do you love about being a woman? What makes a woman so powerful and special?

Laura: Woman is all I am. I don’t deny it: sometimes it is difficult being a woman. I studied and I work in a mostly male dominated environment, so you do feel isolated sometimes. You do see how things are more difficult for you, how much harder you have to work. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change it. I love how tenacious we can be, how strong we can become and how supportive we are as soon as we manage to put aside the social conscript that there’s not enough room for all of us and that we need to be rivals. I think the capacity to love, the internal strength and the capacity of being a “sister” is what makes women powerful and special. If we stick together… we never disappear (…come to the show to know why I say that…)

Nykita: For so long, women have been told to stand down and “stay in their place”. I believe we’ve built up a strength from that and are willing to fight for what we want and believe in, especially when we band together. And I love that.

Debbie: It is a difficult role but so rewarding being a woman and I do love that about who I am. Having the ability to love and nurture, grow another human and teach them to be the best they can be is a powerful and very special part of being a woman.

Kym: The one thing about being a woman I’ve always found special is our ability to speak to strangers, make friends, give compliments or generally approach people we don’t know in many situations without it appearing threatening or driven by agenda.

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