• Grand Horizons // Pip Theatre

    Grand Horizons // Pip Theatre

    Vintage tunes set the stage for PIP Theatre’s Grand Horizons, an Australian adaptation of Bess Wohl’s Tony Award-nominated Kitchen Sink Dramedy. The ramifications of a divorce announcement unravel in an excruciatingly entertaining production, exploring dysfunction with impressive script, acting, and direction. Intimate dialogue, subtle moments, and brilliant set design enhance the experience. The cast shines,…

  • Cats // Queensland Musical Theatre

    Cats // Queensland Musical Theatre

    A backdrop of the night sky overlooking a derelict scrap heap sets the atmosphere for Queensland Musical Theatre’s production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, directed by emerging Brisbane Director Caley Monro. In the preshow, performers in their costumed identities flock across Bowen Hills’ Twelfth Night Theatre, playing with oversized balls of twine, hissing at aggressive…

  • Urinetown: The Musical // Phoenix Ensemble

    Urinetown: The Musical // Phoenix Ensemble

    Step into a world where laughter meets social commentary, where the absurdity of our systems is on full display, and where a musical takes an unapologetically daring plunge into the depths of satire. Phoenix Ensemble’s production of Urinetown: The Musical catapults audiences into a dystopian universe where law, capitalism, and municipal politics collide in a…

  • Venus in Fur // The X Collective

    Venus in Fur // The X Collective

    Venus in Fur by The X Collective is an electrifying exploration of gender roles and sexuality with powerful performances and an enigmatic ending. Must-see.

  • Avenue Q // Beenleigh Theatre

    Avenue Q // Beenleigh Theatre

    Avenue Q at BTG is a hilarious revival of this production under the guidance of some fantastic creatives, with an even better and talented cast and crew.

  • Mother and Son // Ipswich Musical Theatre Company

    Mother and Son // Ipswich Musical Theatre Company

    Ipswich Musical Theatre Company’s Mother and Son is a relatable and heartwarming portrayal of the bond between a mother and her son, with charming comedy, professional sound and lighting, and standout performances.

  • I Love You, Bro // That Production Company

    I Love You, Bro // That Production Company

    That Production Company is a vital theatrical entity in South-East Queensland. The theatre landscape in this region needs companies and directors that take risks. There are infinite forms that such risks can take, and in the case of TPC’s I Love You, Bro, risk came in the form of an episodic, two-hour one-man show about…

  • Anything Goes // Phoenix Ensemble

    Anything Goes // Phoenix Ensemble

    Charming, entertaining and down right hilarious! Phoenix Ensemble certainly came to the party with this one. Who would’ve thought in such a small area, they could do so much?!

  • Bombshells / Productions Theatre Company

    Bombshells / Productions Theatre Company

    Productions Theatre Company’s Bombshells was an exceptional production that left a lasting impact. With its heartwarming and authentic storytelling, it sheds light on the complexities and challenges of being a woman. The performances by Alexis Beebe, Julie Berry and Libby Harrison, were outstanding and elicited a range of emotions from the audience. The seamless direction…

  • Bloom Girl // MeOhMy

    Bloom Girl // MeOhMy

    It is clear that a lot of creativity has been injected into this production by some fantastically talented people. With a little bit of extra development, Bloom Girl could be something truly spectacular. Overall, Bloom Girl is an excellent, creative piece of art that touches on some really poignant points integral to this day and…

  • Spring Awakening // Millennial Productions

    Spring Awakening // Millennial Productions

    Millennial Productions’ Spring Awakening is a tour-de-force of a production, featuring electrifying performances, music that will leave you breathless, and directing choices that are nothing short of masterful. The cast is a group of incredibly talented actors, each bringing their own unique perspective and skill to their roles, making for an unforgettable experience. The musical…

  • Jake’s Women // St Luke’s Theatre Society

    Jake’s Women // St Luke’s Theatre Society

    St Luke’s Theatre Society’s rendition of Jake’s Women was a very enjoyable night out at the theatre that challenged the audience to consider their own imagined inner worlds and the conversations they hold within their own minds. Bravo!

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