Spring Awakening // Millennial Productions

Millennial Productions’ Spring Awakening is a tour-de-force of a production, featuring electrifying performances, music that will leave you breathless, and directing choices that are nothing short of masterful. The cast is a group of incredibly talented actors, each bringing their own unique perspective and skill to their roles, making for an unforgettable experience. The musical direction is outstanding, taking the audience on an emotional journey that will stay with them long after the curtain falls.

Shadows of Love: A Triptych // The Curators

Held in the historic Christ Church in Milton, in the heart of Brisbane, this makeshift stage reverberated a resounding eerie vibe – especially during the spooky season! This hall served as a perfect backdrop for the trials and tribulations of Shadows of Love. Following the story of three plays, this production shows us the highlights, the misadventures, and sometimes gruesome side of love!

The Prince and the Prostitute // A New Australian Musical

Performed on 22 October at the Queensland Multicultural Centre, The Prince and the Prostitute presented an interesting and relatively obscure slice of Australian history. Written, directed and produced by Lindsay McGregor, this piece was extremely ambitious, taking on a complex love story between Prince Alfred and his favourite prostitute set in 1867.

The Producers // Queensland Musical Theatre

Queensland Musical Theatre’s production of Mel Brooks’ classic, The Producers, is uproarious. This show is everything it should be and more. Queensland Musical Theatre (QMT) and the company of The Producers should be immensely proud of this hilarious production that grips the audience from start to finish.

The Pillowman / Good Time Theatrics

Good Time Theatrics’ production of The Pillowman is a fiercely well written play worth seeing, which explores a myriad of ideas about truth and responsibility, in which there is no absolution, no answers and no happy ending.

Ruby Moon // Ad Astra

Ad Astra’s latest show is a terrifyingly gripping journey through the unravelling psyches of Ray and Sylvie Moon following the disappearance of their daughter, Ruby. This decidedly absurdist play challenges audience perceptions and encourages us to question. And Ad Astra’s production certainly achieves what director Susan O’Toole-Cridland set out to do; the perfect conversation starter on a complex (and so extremely important) modern topic.

The Ultimate Divas Collection Heads To Brisbane In ROCK! POP! OPERA!

ROCK! POP! OPERA! is set to soar in this exhilarating, nostalgic and transportive experience by reliving the biggest and most iconic songs from the world’s greatest Diva’s! Brace yourselves for the most explosive diva moment to ever hit Brisbane’s QPAC on Sunday August 7 for two shows: 2pm and 7.30pm !

Spotlight on Lighting Design // Technical Theatre 1

Welcome to our new series, Technical Theatre, where we speak to local experts about all things technical in the theatre. A closer look at lighting, sound, stage management, and costume design and more! For our first edition, we sat down with Ben Hughes to chat about Lighting Design. Ben has worked in lighting design across theatre, ballet, contemporary dance, opera, concert and outdoor events.