Eudaemonia Productions Presents – Old F**k Ducks


Celebrate truly coming of age with these titillating stories about women – directed, written, and performed by local Brisbane women.

Too often we hear that fact is stranger than fiction, and in Old Fuck Ducks, a show inspired by the secret true stories of women shared over too many glasses of wine, it’s definitely the case.

You’ll be swept away in disbelief as you listen to this collection of stories, shared as thoughtful and provocative monologues, that shine a light on the secret lives and adventures of mature age women. 

In a world consumed by youthful imagery and beauty stereotypes, women over 50 are often forgotten or thought of in the grandmother role.  We apparently become invisible and stop having sex, and it seems that our lives are set to become predictable and bland.

But what of the truth? 

What of those women who are actively subverting the stereotypes?  Those out there forging their own way and throwing caution to the wind?  Where are their stories?

We don’t just become old and decrepit once midnight strikes on the eve of our menopause. 

We continue to own our bodies and create our stories regardless of our age. 

We continue to laugh, love, and rebel as we grow into our own skins – a fact that is rarely celebrated.

Now, what of those whose conversations would make you blush if you overheard them on the train on your way to work?  The juicy bits of gossip you can’t wait to share with your friends because you simply cannot believe it’s true?

Brave, defiant and erotic, these stories celebrate being mature age, and are told with a warmth and generosity that invites you to be a participant.

You can look forward to hearing words that resonate and encourage you to imagine yourself where these women have been, stories that propel you on your own life journey.

Old Fuck Ducks – a fun-filled collection of stories inspired by local Brisbane women, so unique that they must be true.

Playing for 2 Shows only at the EC Venue, Fortitude Valley on 20th & 21st May


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