Abadon Burlesque Show: My Bloody Valentine // Abadon Productions

The Abadon Burlesque Show: My Bloody Valentine is a macabre masterpiece that combines horror and burlesque in an entertaining and seductive way. The show celebrates all body types, empowering audiences to embrace their sensual sides, regardless of shape or size. The choreography, lighting, and sound design are exceptional, with standout performances from the cast. The show is a feast for the senses, and an experience not to be missed.

The Creative’s Guide To Media Kits

As creatives we often have to do everything. Not only do we spend countless hours developing work, polishing our craft and delivering fantastic creative experiences but we also have to market those experiences. Marketing can be tricky. Budgets are finite and time is limited. So it is vital to maximise our efforts in areas that will generate plenty of ticket sales. But how? The first step in this process is building a sensational media kit.