Bombshells / Productions Theatre Company

Review by Anina-Marie

We were blown away by the talent of three phenomenal performers in the unforgettable production of Bombhells from Productions Theatre Company performed at PiP Theatre in Milton. This play, written by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith, features six powerful monologues that delve into the inner lives of women, revealing their humorous and cunning balancing act between their inner and outer selves. 

With a script that is simply spectacular, Bombhells left audiences captivated and emotionally invested. From the feisty teenager to the yearning 64-year-old widow, these stories resonate with all women, exposing inner truths that are both poignant and relatable. 

Directed by Debbie Taylor, this production was a fantastic showcase of skillful direction. Taylor’s deep understanding and passion for the subject material was evident in every aspect of the performance, from the performers’ emotive deliveries to the clever use of limited set, props and resources of the space. With Taylor’s masterful touch, the performers were able to shine and bring the powerful stories of these six women to life. 

The choreography by Natalie Hafsteins elevates the performance to a whole new level. Alexis Beebe shines as the dancer, executing the routines with style and ease. The dances were expertly crafted to fit the mood and style, enhancing the characterisation.  

Costumes by Marg Oliver add an extra layer of authenticity to the already powerful performances by the cast. The simple yet effective design of the costumes are a testament to Marg’s ability to understand and interpret each character, giving the audience deeper insight into their personalities and experiences. From the bedraggled busy mother, to the bedazzled out of touch popstar, the costumes are stunning and help to bring the show to life in a truly unforgettable way.

The lighting design by Shane Webb is a testament to the importance of simplicity in theater. The understated yet impactful lighting works in harmony with the performers and costumes to transport the audience into the world of the characters. The lighting not only serves to highlight the moments that matter, but also enhances the overall mood and atmosphere of the show. 

As for the performers, it is hard to pick just one standout – each of the women in this production are uniquely talented and brought so much skill, passion and talent to their roles. All of them simply brilliant!

Alexis Beebe plays the roles of Winsome and Mary and is an incredibly talented performer, bringing an impressive range of emotions and characters to the stage. As Mary, she displays a cheeky passion, while as Winsome she brings a reserved but still cheeky personality. Beebe’s performances are simply flawless, and her emotions feel authentic and genuine. Her portrayal of both a teenager and an elderly widow, with precision and skill, is truly remarkable. Beebe truly shines in this production.

Julie Berry is simply stunning as Meryl and Zoe! She brings a touching, raw emotion to her portrayal of the tired and overwhelmed mother, Meryl. Her performance is so beautifully done, capturing the inner struggle of mothers with authenticity and sincerity. In contrast, her portrayal of the out of touch popstar, Zoe, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Berry’s skillful acting allows the audience to see the complex psyche of Zoe, humanizing the character and showing what it means to choose a career over family. The contrast between Meryl and Zoe highlights the tough choices that women often have to make and drives home the powerful messages of the production. Berry is a talented performer who navigates both characters with ease and expertise.

Libby Harrison’s comedic timing is impeccable and her talent for bringing humor to a difficult situation is truly remarkable. With her natural talent and expert delivery, Harrison leaves the audience thoroughly entertained and emotionally invested in her character’s journey. Whether it’s through her portrayal of the heartbroken Tiggy or the impulsive Theresa, Harrison brings a depth of understanding and nuance to her performances that truly elevates the production.

Overall, Productions Theatre Company’s Bombshells was an exceptional production that left a lasting impact. With its heartwarming and authentic storytelling, it sheds light on the complexities and challenges of being a woman. The performances by Alexis Beebe, Julie Berry and Libby Harrison, were outstanding and elicited a range of emotions from the audience. The seamless direction by Debbie Taylor, dynamic choreography by Natalie Hafsteins, effective costumes by Marg Oliver and engaging lighting by Shane Webb all added to the overall impact of the show. Bravo Brisbane cannot recommend this production highly enough and, although the season has ended, we sincerely hope to see it again. Bravo to the entire team for delivering such a brilliant performance!

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