Cast Interview: The Full Monty // Sunnybank Theatre Group

Nominated for best picture at the 1997 Academy Awards, the British comedy classic The Full Monty has had a rich history on stage as well as screen; previously adapted into a smash hit musical on Broadway as early as 2001. Now, this September, Sunnybank Theatre Group, coming off their sold out season of Legally Blonde, is set to produce a new adaptation of the film, helmed by Brisbane director Lesley Davis.

The Full Monty tells the story of six out of work steel workers in the northern village of Sheffield who, in a desperate bid to earn some much needed money and reclaim their sense of self worth, decide to produce a male striptease act. The catch; they’re going for The Full Monty (all the way).

In an exclusive interview, Bravo Brisbane sat down and asked the cast about what it’s like being a part of such a “revealing” production.

What’s your favourite part about this production?

Liam Donnelly (Gary “Gaz” Schofield): Probably stepping out and doing something completely different. Knowing that you’re going to be on that stage and literally having to bare all to an audience with nowhere to hide is oddly exhilarating.

Nathaniel Young (Dave Horsefall): It’s a fun show. I always like British Comedies, but also it’s got a bit of drama and a bit of heartstring-tugging. The best comedies always have a bit of bitter to go with the sweet.

Reece Holmes (Nathan Schofield): Being able to meet new kind hearted people and being able to perform.

Which character do you relate to?

Pamela Ackerley (Mandy): My husband said I don’t need to act much for my role as a nagging wife so yes, maybe I do relate well to my character.

Jason Lawson (Alan): Being a larger man myself, I have always had an affinity for the character of Dave, a role I was fortunate enough to play in the musical version of the show 9 years ago. Dave is a lot like me, likes a laugh, likes a snack and with a sarcastic sense of humour, but at the same time has troubles which constantly nag at him.

Andrew Cosier (Horse): I can identify with Horse getting on a bit with all the aches and pains, but love Dave with his witty sarcastic lines.

What’s your favourite moment from the show?

Liam Donnelly: Dancing on stage and stripping whilst Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On plays is probably one of the coolest moments I’ve ever experience when on stage, you really get sucked up in the atmosphere of the music and all your nervousness melts away, it’ll definitely get the audience cheering.

Jason Lawson: There’s so many great ones in the show, but my favourite has to be “Listen love, it’s simple. You’ve got knockers and we’re after knobs.”

Reese Holmes: “You’ll be reet”. I just can’t stop saying it.

Nathaniel Young: I love my line where I rattle off all the types of knots I can tie. I haven’t gotten it right yet, but I will!

Why should people come to see this show?

Liam Donnelly: It’s a lot of fun and a laugh. It knows exactly what it is and isn’t trying to be anything deeper than a fun time.

Andrew Cosier: It’s a no brainer people should come see it, if you loved the film you’ll love the play even better. I definitely look better live.

Nathaniel Young: It’s just a good time and a bit of naughty fun.

The Full Monty opens on Friday 16 September at Sunnybank Theatre Group. Tickets are on sale now

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