Talented Tenors Put Classical Spin on Music Gems in TenorUs

By Eleanor Surtees

After standout performances across Queensland, Roger Davy and Adam Bartlett are scheduled to make a splash in Sandgate this October with their duo act, TenorUs. This unique performance will showcase jaw-dropping renditions from a medley of genres, amplified by the entertaining stage presence of two musical talents who have lived their life on the stage.

We had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Roger about his upcoming performance.

Roger, who is now a nationally renowned tenor, began his expansive career performing with Opera Queensland and Opera Australia. After hitting the ground running and performing throughout Europe, he continued to develop his musical prowess, co-founding and performing with the Ten Tenors. Additionally, Roger launched his own production and entertainment company, Vavachi Entertainment, that produces musical experiences for corporate and private functions as well as supporting young and emerging artists. 

After years of performing, here’s what Roger had to say about his newest venture, TenorUs.

What should people expect from this performance?

The key ingredients to our performances are FUN and Engagement! Think of TenorUS, as the Alfie Boa and Michael Ball of Australia, bringing together two popular Tenors from different genres of music; I have an Opera/classical background while Adam Bartlett has more Broadway/Cabaret style. 

Adam and I don’t take each other too seriously, we love sharing stories on stage with our audience, creating a party-like atmosphere along the way. 

How does performing as a duo differ from when you would perform with the Ten Tenors?

With TTT, which was many years ago now, it was much more intense, as were my younger years pursuing my career with Opera Queenland and Opera Australia and performing overseas. Whereas now, with TenorUS, and our tagline “Why book ten when all you need is US,” I get to share my vocal gift performing a range of music genres from Opera to classic rock.   

You cover an array of musical styles in this performance, what do you consider when choosing your set list?

The songs chosen have wide appeal to the over 50s demographic. 

We love performing Josh Groban and Andrea Boccelli songs where they have popularised songs and arranged them for Classical vocal style; for example, we perform Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman to Me”. Another example is a pop song like “Nights in White Satin”, a song originally written by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues in 1967; it was then given a classical/popera twist by greek opera singer Mario Frangoulis and turned into a duet. Queen is another one of our favourites to perform. We also perform Broadway classics. 

That trend will continue with our new show on October 21st, performing some popular favourites and celebrating some of the famous Bond themes paying tribute to Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Adele and many others… 

You’ve both lived your life on the stage. What is one piece of advice you have for other aspiring musicians/artists?

If you have a passion for music, always follow your dream, be driven by passion for what you love, not money!

That will come!

With such well-loved and recognisable songs, how do you feel about audience participation? What do you think makes a good audience?

After what we have been through in the past 2 years with the pandemic, any audience is a good audience! There is nothing like a live audience in front of you experiencing what you do live. 

Who do you think would enjoy this show? 

Our music and show we perform appeals to a wide demographic. The show is all about engagement and fun. There’s lots of costume changes as well, so we get our audience singing along.

TenorUs will dazzle audiences at Sandgate Town Hall for one performance only on October 21. Tickets are now available for purchase here so don’t miss out. 

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