The Wynter of our Disco Tent // Brisbane Comedy Festival

Review by Jake Goodall

Dust off those leg warmers and chuck on that neon as Jenny & Angeline Wynter take you back to the 1980s for a hilarious night filled with laughs, fun and wigs!

This hour-long show is fabulous for start to finish with the 80s vibe strung through the entire production. The show opens with the titular song by the duo, ‘The Wynter of our Disco Tent’ which truly set the tone for the show. Warming the audience up for an energetic and wondrous hour!

The show features some fantastic comedic jokes and songs throughout. Starting with 80s style comedic songs such as ’10 Months and One Day’, ‘Request a Song for Me on the Radio’, ‘I Can Almost Smell your Deodorant’, ‘Crush with a Capital C’ and ‘(I’m No Burster, but I’m) Bursting With Love’. With live piano and vocals from the duo it transports the audience into a beautiful atmosphere with their harmonic comedy songs.

In addition to Jenny and Angeline’s beautiful singing, their energetic dances moves are even better! Dancing to 80s hits, it is a musical delight to the senses, as they boogied out to ‘(I’ve had) The Time of my Life’ complete with the iconic lift… well kind of! Whilst the musical elements of The Wynter of our Disco Tent are hilarious and flawless, the true magic lies in sharing their the real-life diary readings! Jenny and Angeline pulled diary entries from their younger selves detailing everything from their birthdays, crushes and family game shows!

Winding their way through the hilarious music, dancing and diary entries, they tell a beautiful story of two half sisters who persevered against all odds; raised by their grandmother who they affectionately called Mum. All the singing, dancing, diary entries and life stories culminated into an amazing end of show song where the duo picked a member from the audience and created their very own improvisational song, for this show it was about a soccer boy jilting his date at their prom. The way the duo magnificently created a full-length song from a short story on the night was incredible.

The strength of this production however lies in the amazing visuals. The lighting design is phenomenal; truly embodying the 80s feel with neon lights flashing in all directions. The costumes and makeup were fantastic. Jenny and Angeline passionately emerge onto the stage in matching fluoro track suits. Later revealing geometric tank tops, perfectly complementing the typical 80s style makeup (featuring plenty of glitter and popping with colour). You name it they had it!

All in all, The Wynter of our Disco Tent is a fabulously fantastic evening drawing laughter from every member of the audience; a night the whole family can enjoy. Even your grandma! If you ever get the chance to see this spectacular duo perform, do not miss it!

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse and until the 29th of May. The festival plays host to a wide variety of Australian and International comedians sure to brighten up your day!

Tickets are still on sale shows so get in quick!

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