Blockbuster New Work Exploding Into Queensland Multicultural Centre // Observatory Theatre’s Control

Netflix’s Black Mirror will be taken to a whole new level with Observatory Theatre’s Control exploding into the Queensland Multicultural Centre this June with direction by Matilda award-nominated Timothy Wynn.

Control was originally developed through the INK program at Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre in Melbourne and was written by playwright Keziah Warner.

This dystopian blockbuster spans several decades, questioning ethics and morality in the growing age of technology and is brought to epic life by a stellar Queensland-based team.

“This show features some of Brisbane’s best up and coming talent at their finest. The story spans three distinctly different worlds and it is an exciting challenge to honour and detail each one”
Timothy Wynn (Director)

Control explores sometime in the future where Big Brother’s gone into outer space, and someone is always watching. A revolution is brewing, and the Museum of Childhood faces a crisis as rebellion brews outside. But lightyears away on New Earth, a programmer and their A.I. companion forge hope for the future of humanity.

Control grips with an urgency that is hard to ignore, questioning who’s really in charge and how human technology can become.

“I couldn’t put this script down the second I started reading. This is not one to miss. It comments on a future that feels very plausible and real for us, and all the exciting and terrifying things that come with that.”
Triona Calimbayan-Giles (Actor – BC Productions)

The show features other stellar Brisbane based actors; Egan Sun-Bin (Queensland Theatre) and Nykita O’Keeffe (Lynch & Paterson).

Control will play at the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Kangaroo Point from 9-11 June.

Don’t miss this blockbuster show! Tickets are on sale now.

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