Rhonda Burchmore is GLAMAZONIA

Rhonda Burchmore wowed audiences at Redland Performing Arts Centre with a spectacular night of song and dance; celebrating 40 years in the entertainment industry. Ever since she was a little girl, Rhonda has loved to perform and in GLAMAZONIA she takes us on the journey with her; from a toddler begging for dance lessons right through to the amazing Rhonda we know and love today. 

Opening the show with a stunning rendition of Big Spender, Rhonda outshines the sparkles on her sequined outfits from beginning to end. With a casual manner that feels like a conversation with an old friend, she tells her story to the audience. 

Her recollections of trying to break into the industry and the struggles of auditions remind us that even the most seasoned of artists had to pay their dues in the beginning. She celebrates not only her success but also her endurance and perseverance; qualities needed in spades to succeed in show business. 

In a touching tribute, Rhonda tells us how her mother supported and inspired her. Her interpretation of ABBA’s classic ‘Thank You For The Music’ dedicated to her mother is one of the highlights of the evening; striking the audience right in the heart.

Mixed into her earnest account of her career, Rhonda throws in her own characteristic humour. Balancing the sentimental moments with the lighthearted in a way that carries the audience with her through every twist and turn.

Vocally, her performance is breathtaking. She powers through big numbers like Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ and Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ with power and stamina; testament to her immense strength as a performer and the years of experience to back it up. At the same time, she manages to show us a more vulnerable side in a smattering of sentimental ballads strewn into the mix.

GLAMAZONIA is supported by two very talented dancers, playing the role of “boy toys”. The dancers bring an infectious energy that injects a sense of fun into the show. Of course, the show would not be possible without the fabulous on-stage band. Consisting simply of keyboard and drums, these two talented musicians support a wide range of musical numbers with passion and an unmistakable musicality.

The costuming is fabulous from beginning to end; featuring Rhonda is sparkly gowns complete with an awe-inspiring tear-away camo dress in Act II that is to die for. The dancers emerge in increasingly fun, sexy outfits that complement Rhonda beautifully. 

Rhonda Burchmore is GLAMAZONIA is a show not only for those who know and love Rhonda but for anyone who loves cabaret, musical theatre or sequins. The show is currently touring Queensland with the next show due to hit Toowoomba on April 8.  Find out everything you need to know about the tour here and book your tickets now. 

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