Abadon Productions Presents An Interactive Screening of Cult Classic // The Rocky Horror Picture Show

First premiering in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has gone from humble beginnings
to one of the most endearing and beloved cult classics in history. The bizarre tale of a couple
trapped at the mercy of a eccentric, alluring mad scientist and his twisted assistants, there
really isn’t another film quite like it.

Adapted from the stage musical by Richard O’Brien, Rocky Horror has gone on to remain a late night cinema staple all across the world and earning the distinction of being the longest running cinematic release in history; with cinemas hosting late night screenings that heavily encourage costumes, props, sing-alongs and a rowdy good time.

On March 25th, New Farm Cinemas is joining in on the party, screening the film for one night only courtesy of a very special guest.

Recently returning to the land of the living, the often imitated, never replicated Debonair
Deadman Donald Ernest “Don” D’Bauch (having emerged from his crypt last October after
nearly a year under soil and sycamore) is returning to the stage in style, bringing with him
an eldritch eroticism only he can.

Ahead of his next theatrical spectacle, The Abadon Burlesque Show: My Bloody Valentine (set for its mainstage debut next February) Don, as well as the good folks at Abadon Productions, are more than overjoyed to be bringing The Rocky Horror Picture Show back to the silver screen.

“It’s just such a wonderful time, my dear”, said Mr D’Bauch in an exclusive interview. “It has
everything you could ever want. Blood, sex, Tim Curry in fishnets, what more could you
ask for?” When asked why he had chosen to host the screening in person, Don was more than
happy to explain, “It’s been so long since I stood in front of an audience, feeling that rush
only they can bring. What better way for me to come back to the public eye than provide a
night of fun and enjoyment? Well, at least until next year that is.” When asked what he has
planned for the rest of his time above ground, Don declined to comment, “All in good time,
my dear”.

For those who really want to get into the spirit, prizes are on offer for the best dressed!

Book your tickets now, and make sure to follow Abadon Productions on Facebook
and Instagram.

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