Redcliffe Musical Theatre’s Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Zooms Onto Stage in March

By Kieran J Evans

Following the adventures of high-haired Mitzi Mitosis – not to be confused with a hare virus – Priscilla: Queen of the Desert zooms onto the stage, courtesy of the Redcliffe Musical Theatre, showing at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre from 12th to 20th March, and road-tripping on down to the Ipswich Civic Centre from 6th to 8th of April.

This musical is based around the 1994 movie, whereupon two drag queens, Tick and Adam, with a friendly neighbourhood transgender woman, Bernadette, embark upon a road trip in a bus named Priscilla. En route to Alice Springs for a gig arranged by his estranged wife, Tick reveals the nature of the trip, withholding that he will be meeting his son for the first time as well. Their journey takes them through several differing viewpoints to their lifestyles, be it upbeat or violently opposing. These bonds are forged in fire, flamboyancy, and friendship.

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert was first shown in Sydney at the Lyric Theatre during the 2006 October season, and is written by Stephen Elliot and Allan Scott, it has been nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical and has received two Tony Awards for costume design categories.

This version is directed by Madelaine Johns, with assistance from Taylah McLennan, the choreographing has been championed by Jenny Morison, set to the musical direction of Sherree Cudney and guest Robert Clark. Our three main intrepid adventurers are Shannon Foley as Bernadette, Conor Ensor as Tick, and Alex Watson as Felecia/Adam.

This joyous, stirring, heart-warming tale of love, acceptance, and growth, features popular jukebox songs, colourful characters of an inimitable fabulous nature, and seat gripping laughter. This is a romp ready to burst at the seams. Book your tickets aboard before it speeds off again!

Tickets for Redcliffe Entertainment Centre

Tickets for Ipswich Civic Centre

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