A Refreshing Blend of Old and New: Family Band, Girl and Girl’s New EP

From the very moment you hear the first notes of up-and-coming band Girl and Girl’s debut EP, you will be in love! This band’s unique sound is a refreshing blend of old and new. Conjuring distinctive indie rock vibes, Girl and Girl consists of front man Kai James, brothers, Jayden and Coby Williams and Kai’s drumming Aunty, Melissa James. This multi-generational family band has made a splash in the Aussie music scene here on the south-east coast.

“It’s kind of created this unintentional musical generational meld. I get people my age coming up to me after shows drawing all these modern-day comparisons. Then you get everyone Aunty Liss’s age coming up to her drawing all the 80s-esque comparisons.”

Kai James

Bravo Brisbane had the immense privilege of listening to Girl and Girl’s EP ‘A Typical Friday Night (Shame, Sex and Misery)’ and it is a wonderfully invigorating blend of old-school 70s/80s rock and new-school Aussie indie lyrics and charisma. Kicking off with the killer ‘Shame It’s Not Now’, an upbeat track featuring melancholy lyrics like “Drinking’s fun. Fun’s for everyone. But you’re unique” and “Here comes the setting sun, I’m nervous and your lips are something I would run from.” This track is a remarkable blend of cheery drums, bass and guitar with dancing vibes and lyrics that delve a little deeper into the modern psyche. The sound is reminiscent of tracks like ‘Human’ by The Killers and David Bowie’s classic ‘Heroes’.

Another great track from the EP is ‘Sex on the Internet’ which showcases what is probably the most memorable lead guitar riff on the five-track album. Like ‘Shame It’s Not Now’, ‘Sex on the Internet’ contains some very apt contemporary lyrics like, “Spend all my time having sex on the internet. You wouldn’t believe how many girls that I haven’t met.” Another favourite track on the EP is ‘Doctor Marten’. This tune starts off with Kai singing “Go to put my make-up on, go to school. Kids are all laughing.”

It seems that Girl and Girl’s EP is also gaining momentum on leading streaming platform, Spotify. ‘White Tiles’ has received more than 14,500 listens and ‘Shame It’s Not Now’ is not far behind with more than 12,600.

With the influence of Aunty Liss in this new rock group, it is easy to see how the band gets their unique sound that is both modern and old-school. Melissa James started drumming in the late 80’s sporting a razor shaved mohawk. At just 17 years old she played her first gig with Sydney punk outfit, The Epileptic Pigmeez and from there became a regular part of the Sydney pub rock scene. 34 years later, old-school rocker Aunty Liss is working with her nephew’s band and bringing her rare influence to a brand-new EP. Depending on your age or your previous musical exposure, you may have a very different experience when you listen to Girl and Girl’s new EP.

If you would like to experience ‘A Typical Friday Night (Shame, Sex and Misery)’ for yourself, you can stream the EP now on SoundCloud here or on Spotify here.

You can also keep across everything that the band is up to and catch them live at upcoming gigs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast by following them on social media:

InstagramFacebook,  TwitterYoutube

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