Visual Storytelling and Clowning // Backstage with UTOPIA! and the Caravan Calamity’s Kara Fisher

With Anywhere Festival 2021 just around the corner, Bravo Brisbane caught up with one of the creators bringing theatre to life anywhere but a theatre this May. Meet Kara Fisher who is the Co-Creator, Choreographer, and a Performer in Observatory Theatre’s UTOPIA! and the Caravan Calamity.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a musical theatre graduate, so I enjoy all aspects of performing. Having grown up dancing, I have always loved choreography especially working with/complimenting the music. I have really enjoyed this project incorporating more storytelling into my choreography than ever before.

What is UTOPIA! and the Caravan Calamity about?

A travelling trio of clashing egos, who find themselves stranded on their journey to a better life, are greeted by a mysterious figure who warns them that they must swallow their pride and work together to fix their caravan and continue on their journey.

Photography by Knights Way Productions

What is your favourite rehearsal memory?

The defeated faces of the dancers when I told them that they would be tap dancing whilst skipping! At the end of rehearsal, I apologised to them, having pity on them, but was then told “no I like it now, it’s a fun challenge!”

What do you think the audience will think about driving home from your show?

As our show is deliberately lighthearted and focuses on entertaining first, I hope they will remember all the over-the-top miming/clowning moments from the story, the tap dancing, and possibly drawing parallels between the shows’ characters and their own acquaintances (we all know a ‘Baron’ haha).

Photography by Knights Way Productions

What is the one thing we should absolutely know about the show?

There is no dialogue! So, be prepared for visual storytelling and engaging clowning performances.

How are you using your Anywhere venue innovatively?

The hall is being transformed to resemble an alien wasteland with the main action happening on the ground floor level and the audience circled around the stage.

UTOPIA! and the Caravan Calamity will be playing Anywhere Festival from 16 – 22 May 2021. Tickets are on sale now through

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