Fresh, Innovative & Brave // Observatory Theatre 2021 Season Launch

There is nothing more exciting than seeing fresh faces on the Brisbane theatre scene. The new kids on the block, Observatory Theatre, are here to shake things up. Their 2021 season of immersive, boundary-bending theatre was launched over Facebook Live on 4 February 2021. It is impossible not to be immediately taken with the fresh concepts and innovative ideas of these new young theatre makers. Their debut performance season features two uniquely original works delving deep into stories that draw audiences into different worlds.

At the helm is Founder and Artistic Director, Lachlan Driscoll, a third-year student at Queensland University of Technology’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) / Business program. Mr Driscoll explains that Observatory Theatre explicitly wants to create immersive work that focuses on different worlds.

“In keeping with our company’s ethos, we’ve designed these productions to be living, breathing worlds, from an alien planet, to an ancient, creaking mansion.”

Lachlan driscoll

Utopia! And the Caravan Calamity is Observatory Theatre’s first production that will open at Anywhere Festival in May. In an innovative combination of tap dancing, gypsy jazz music, slapstick comedy and vibrant scenery, the audience will be drawn into a strange, new world. The show will be directed by Lachlan Driscoll, choreographed by Kara Fisher and will feature set design by The Black Box Collective.

Photography by Knights Way Productions

Observatory Theatre will also present Mr Driscoll’s original play Portraits in October at The Old Museum following performances in numerous one act play festivals. Portraits is an exploration of family and legacy that unfolds when a dying man invites his estranged children to the family mansion to say their farewells and confront their pasts. The production to be presented at The Old Museum will feature 360-degree sound to immerse audiences in the living room of the mansion. The action will unfold around the seated audience who will be right at the heart of the action.

Photography by Knights Way Productions

Observatory Theatre’s 2021 season is fresh, innovative, and brave. If this is any indication of the future of Brisbane’s theatre scene, we are all about it!

If you are keen for meaningful, vibrant experiences that bend the boundaries of traditional theatre and transport audiences to new worlds then make sure to keep your eye on Observatory Theatre in 2021 and beyond.

Brisbane creatives interested in getting involved can visit their website.

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