Metro Arts Launches 2023 With a Bang // Press Release

Metro Arts starts 2023 with a bang, highlighting multidisciplinary artists, new perspectives and bold choices that will ignite audiences’ fervour, spark dialogue and stretch the imagination in a striking performance program of dance, movement, theatre and music.

Abadon Burlesque Show: My Bloody Valentine // Abadon Productions

The Abadon Burlesque Show: My Bloody Valentine is a macabre masterpiece that combines horror and burlesque in an entertaining and seductive way. The show celebrates all body types, empowering audiences to embrace their sensual sides, regardless of shape or size. The choreography, lighting, and sound design are exceptional, with standout performances from the cast. The show is a feast for the senses, and an experience not to be missed.

Uncovering the Truth: A Look into Observatory Theatre’s 2023 Season

The stage is set for an exciting new season at Observatory Theatre, where truth is the theme that will guide the exploration of stories, characters, and the world we live in. Bravo Brisbane sat down with Artistic Director Lachlan Driscoll to discuss the thought-provoking plays and programs that make up the 2023 season, from the hilarious absurdities of “The Turquoise Elephant” to the edge-of-your-seat mystery of “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. 

Read on to see what Driscoll had to say about it!

Bombshells / Productions Theatre Company

Productions Theatre Company’s Bombshells was an exceptional production that left a lasting impact. With its heartwarming and authentic storytelling, it sheds light on the complexities and challenges of being a woman. The performances by Alexis Beebe, Julie Berry and Libby Harrison, were outstanding and elicited a range of emotions from the audience. The seamless direction by Debbie Taylor, dynamic choreography by Natalie Hafsteins, effective costumes by Marg Oliver and engaging lighting by Shane Webb all added to the overall impact of the show. Bravo Brisbane cannot recommend this production highly enough and, although the season has ended, we sincerely hope to see it again. Bravo to the entire team for delivering such a brilliant performance!

Breaking the Internet, One Bloom at a Time: An Interview with Charli Burrowes of Bloom Girl

Charli Burrowes, the writer, co-producer, and performer of the stage show “Bloom Girl,” sat down with Bravo Brisbane to discuss her background in the arts and entertainment industry, the inspiration behind “Bloom Girl,” and her collaboration with director Elise Lamb.

Burrowes, who has been documenting her creative journey through a blog for the past 10 years, explains how her background in visual arts and film influenced the creation of “Bloom Girl.” She also shares how her collaboration with Lamb elevated the show and brought her vision to life on the stage. Get to know Charli and the behind-the-scenes of “Bloom Girl” in this exclusive interview.

Spring Awakening // Millennial Productions

Millennial Productions’ Spring Awakening is a tour-de-force of a production, featuring electrifying performances, music that will leave you breathless, and directing choices that are nothing short of masterful. The cast is a group of incredibly talented actors, each bringing their own unique perspective and skill to their roles, making for an unforgettable experience. The musical direction is outstanding, taking the audience on an emotional journey that will stay with them long after the curtain falls.